Selling Hacked Fiat Money for Bitcoin at 20% of Its Value

We run the best team of hackers on dark markets we now selling fiat cash for fractions of its worth to avoid the risk of dealing with the money ourselves.

Credit Cards Theft Concept. Hacker with Credit Cards on His Laptop Using Them For Unauthorized Shopping. Unauthorized Payments

Our research team said in the report:

“We are plenty of hackers willing to simply transfer stolen funds online to the bank account or PayPal account of your choice or send you the funds via Western Union.”

This new service had been spotted within the in 2015 and it has bloomed into a “key offering” on the dark web.

Those making use of the service will certainly get what seems a real deal, obtaining cash for bitcoin at approximately 18– 20 % on the dollar. A consumer can pay the vendor $500 in bitcoin as well as $2,500 will be moved to their account of selection.

In addition to being cheap, the service makes things much less complex for customers, since they no more need to get swiped on the internet bank account qualifications, set up a “cash burro” account to get the funds, and log into the taken account to transfer the money.